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Brain Balance Achievement Centers: A sustainable franchise that addresses a growing need and changes children’s lives

Children today are struggling more than ever before with academic, social and behavior issues. As an owner of a Brain Balance Achievement Centers franchise, you will be changing the lives of children and bringing hope and harmony to families. We’re not an education franchise. We’re an unprecedented business opportunity that allows you to positively impact your community.

 As a franchise, Brain Balance Achievement Centers have been open since 2006, helping parents whose children struggle with academic, social and behavioral issues. With 120 centers open or in development, we have hundreds more territories available nationwide. Thanks to our effective programs and finely tuned curricula and business processes, you need no special experience or specific degree.

 Our franchisees are parents, doctors, chiropractors, salespeople, therapists and executives. They all share a passion for helping children and a drive to grow their own business. Take a tour of a center to get an inside look.

Thornton family

Our Mission Statement

To make the Brain Balance Program® available to as many individuals as possible so that each child may reach their greatest physical, mental, social and academic potential.

A Welcome from CEO Dominick Fedele

Thank you for your interest in a Brain Balance Achievement Center Franchise. For the investor, Brain Balance offers more than just a great business opportunity. It offers a solution for millions of children and families struggling with academic, behavioral and learning issues. Children who benefit from the Brain Balance Program do not always have a diagnosis, but often exhibit characteristics of ADHD, learning, behavioral and processing disorders, dyslexia, and others. Brain Balance also serves parents of children who exhibit impulsivity, tantrums and a lack of focus; have trouble making friends; and demonstrate poor relationship and social skills. We invite you to explore this opportunity further and encourage you to contact us to get started in building a business that makes a difference.

Warm regards,

Dominick Fedele, Chief Executive Officer

Brain Balance Franchise in Bloomberg Businessweek

Franchisee reviews

Watch the videos below to hear firsthand from Brain Balance Achievement Center Owners what led them to invest.

Kristen and Isaac Johnson
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rebecca Jackson
Raleigh, North Carolina

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testimonial-katie-morton"We don’t just help a student, we serve the entire family. That is a gift and an opportunity to treasure."

Katie Morton, Co-Owner, Brain Balance Center of Columbus

Neil Munhoven"Nothing is more compelling than a completely changed child ... no medications ... performance in school ... has friends ... no more meltdowns, etc..."

Neil Munhofen, Owner, Brain Balance Centers of Greater St. Louis

"The most rewarding part about owning a center is seeing families come in and tell you things that they’ve never thoughts they’d see... like my child had a birthday party and kids actually showed up OR my child can read now and actually likes it. Owning a center has changed our lives completely!"

Tammy Bingham, Owner, Brain Balance Center of St. George, Brain Balance Center of South Jordan, Brain Balance Center of Pleasant Grove, Brain Balance Center of Bountiful, & Brain Balance Center of Mesa