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Brain Balance franchise review: Heather Wells of Texas

With 30 years working in related fields, Wells channeled her experience and passion into 3 Brain Balance centers.

Heather Wells is owner and executive director of Brain Balance Achievement Centers in Southlake, Mansfield and Katy, Texas. She’s got the passion that all of our franchise owners share, but she’s also got something many don’t: personal perspective. Like many of our franchisees who were first parents of children with challenges, Heather fostered two boys with with neurobehavioral differences. She has spent her nearly 30-year career working with children experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, learning, developmental, sensory, motor and other issues. She works diligently to empower everyone to have dignity and a voice and to live his or her version of the highest quality of life possible.

“It’s one thing to obtain the degrees and professional experience; it is quite another to have lived it yourself,” Heather told Voyage Dallas. “I understand on every level what it is like to be the struggling student as well as the parent or family member wanting to do everything possible to find resolution and help your child or loved one live his or her version of the highest quality life possible, and that further fuels my passion for transforming the lives of all the kids and families we are fortunate enough to work with in our center.”

You can read more about Heather’s inspirational story here. Below, you can read more about her journey with our company in this Brain Balance franchise review.

What do you find rewarding about being a Brain Balance franchise owner?
Well, I think this is the most passionate group of business people I’ve ever been with. I mean, I shouldn’t even call them business people. They are on this planet to transform lives. When you’re around like-minded people, it’s really great. Working with the home office as a team means that everybody’s on the same page.

We are getting to the root, and addressing kids’ and families’ issues at the foundation. We don’t put Band-Aids on symptoms. When you transform that child’s life, you’re transforming an entire family unit.

How does your professional background play into your role as a franchisee?
I have worked in hospitals, schools, out-patient, home health, early childhood intervention. I appreciate all of those settings, I see the value in them. But I always knew that something was missing. There were always missing pieces. When I saw Brain Balance, I went, “It’s all right here.” It is so integrated. There is no stone unturned. There’s no bandaging. We are getting to the root, and addressing it at the foundation, for a permanent change.

I just saw story after story of lives completely changed, the complete trajectory of a family’s life transformed. I have to make that available to as many people as possible. Really, the decision to own multiple centers, that’s just reaching that many more families.

You’ve worked with children for a long time. What was so appealing about Brain Balance?
It is a franchise, so you have a proven system. You have training. You need business support? You’ve got that. You don’t have to come in knowing about neurology. We have so many families who are owners because their child went through program and they, too, were like, “We have to do this for other families.”

What makes franchisees successful?
It is not due to background, it is due to passion, and just the power of the program that really speaks for itself. But you have so many layers of support. We have all these program committees, all of these things where corporate and the owners are communicating constantly… No matter how good you are, there’s always room to be better, and best, and top yourself just as far as what we deliver to families. Nobody comes in feeling unsupported from fellow franchisees, or from corporate, they’re all amazing.

Why is now a great time to buy a Brain Balance franchise?
I don’t think there’s ever been a bad time to buy into Brain Balance, but I am more excited about Brain Balance than I have ever been. We have a CEO, Dominick Fedele, who listens. How many people say they want to hear what you have to say, but they don’t really listen? He takes action. He follows through. He is so conscientious. He is always pushing us to be better, and we just push each other to be better.

What’s one of the aspects you really love about the Brain Balance franchise system?
There is just a constant striving that enhances what can we do to be better, better, better. Everyone is just on the same page, supporting and listening to each other. We are all growing every single day from each other. There has never been a better time to buy a Brain Balance center.

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